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Economic Type Square Style Sliding Windows
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Product: Views:199Economic Type Square Style Sliding Windows 
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Upvc Profile details:

1). High UV resistance

2). High color fade resistance. Our pvc profile can promise 50 years

color fade resistance

3). High impact resistance

4). Have a good arrest toughness

5). Any color are available: Grey, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red and so on.

6). PVC profile suitable of glazing bead for window profile.

Plastic steel profiles are extruded from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, with a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, ultraviolet absorbents, etc.

Profile features:

Because of its excellent physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, it is usually used as a good substitute for non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc and aluminum.

Window’s components:

In order to strengthen the rigidity of profiles, steel lining (reinforcing bars) should be filled in the cavity of profiles with a certain length. The doors and windows made by this method are called plastic steel doors and windows.

*The sizes can be as requested, the above listed are standard sizes.

 Upvc Window’s types

1. According to the opening mode, it can be divided into fixed window, upper window, middle window, lower window, vertical window, flat door and window, pulley flat window, pulley window, flat door and window, push-pull door and window, push-pull flat window, fold door, floor spring door, lifting sliding door, push-pull folding door, inner reverse sliding door.

2. According to the performance, it can be divided into ordinary doors and windows, sound insulation doors and windows, and thermal insulation doors and windows.

3. According to the application site, it can be divided into internal doors and windows, and external doors and windows.

Upvc windows functions:

* Thermal insulation and energy saving

Plastic doors and windows are multiple-chamber structure with good thermal insulation performance. Their heat transfer performance is very small, only 1/357 of steel and 1/250 of aluminium. It can be seen that plastic doors and windows have remarkable heat insulation and thermal insulation effect, especially for modern buildings with heating and air conditioning equipment.

6*Physical property

The physical properties of plastic steel doors and windows mainly refer to the air permeability (air tightness), rain leakage (water tightness), wind pressure resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation of PVC plastic steel doors and windows. Because of the unique multiple-chamber structure of plastic-steel door and window profiles and the door and window formed by fusion technology, all the cracks of plastic-steel doors and windows are equipped with door and window sealant strips and wool strips when they are installed, so they have good physical properties.

7, Corrosion resistance

Plastic steel doors and windows have good corrosion resistance because of their unique formula. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel windows depends on the use of hardware. In normal environment, hardware is metal products, while in corrosive environment, such as food, medicine, health, chemical industry and coastal areas, rainy and humid areas, anti-corrosive hardware (engineering plastics) is selected, which is the service life. It is 10 times as many as plastic steel doors and windows.

8, Weather ability

Plastic steel doors and windows are specially formulated. Ultraviolet absorbent and low temperature impact resistant agent are added to the raw materials, thus improving the weather resistance of plastic steel doors and windows. Long-term use in temperature and climate environment, between 130 degrees and 70 degrees, hot sun, rainstorm, dry, humid changes, no discoloration, deterioration, aging, other phenomena. Plastic steel windows have been used in Western Europe for 30 years, and their materials are as good as before.

9,Fire resistance

Plastic steel doors and windows are not self-igniting, non-combustion-supporting, self-extinguishing from fire, safe and reliable, which meets the requirements of fire prevention. This performance enlarges the scope of application of plastic steel doors and windows.

10, Air tightness

Plastic steel doors and windows are compact and smooth in quality, consistent inside and outside. Without special surface treatment, easy processing, cutting and welding, the length, width and diagonal of finished doors and windows can be within 2 MM. The processing accuracy and angular strength can reach more than 3000N.

11, Sound insulation performance 

The main reason lies in the sound insulation effect of glass, which accounts for about 80% of the area. Some sound insulation plastic doors and windows on the market use different glass combination structures, such as hollow glass-plastic windows, ordinary double-layer glass, to enhance the sound insulation effect of doors and windows, according to the principle of acoustic resonance transmission and lotus root cooperation. In the structure of doors and windows, the use of high-quality adhesive tape and plastic sealing fittings makes the sealing performance of plastic steel doors and windows remarkable.